Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Laying over with Daddy!

Daddy had a 28 hour layover in Orlando yesterday so the 4 of us crashed his hotel room on International Drive. The girls got to sleep on a pull out sofa. They thought it was the coolest, good thing they don't weigh much as it would have been a long night for me!
We went swimming in the pool, walked around the hotel.
Went up and down the glass elevator.
And they all enjoyed their little sleep kits that came with ear plugs, spray, & best of all the eye patches.
Poor Daddy had to get up at 3:00am, but the hotel desk let us check out at 11:00am.

Kayman is getting better and better at walking. We are going to have his legs checked though as he seems to be not only pigeon toed but bow legged as well. I though the photo of him walking next to Daddy was so cute though. He looks like a mini Luis!

Here is the 3 of them in the pull out bed.

What a bunch of hams!

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