Monday, August 24, 2009

Kieran's First Day at Kindergarten!

August 24th, 2009 marked the beginning of Kieran's future adventures in School!
We were blessed with Ms. Ana & Ms Pat last year in Preschool. This year Kieran has a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Arce. Seems we have something going with teachers & A names!
Kieran has already met a little girl named Christina who looks a lot like her friend in South Carolina, Emi. She told me that only the boys were bad today in class. She thinks if her class is really good they win a popsicle party. She also told me that Mrs. Arce has a Treasure Chest full of Candy, and they only get it if they are really good!
She told me all of the rules today: keep your hands to yourself, raise your hand to speak, be quiet when someone is talking, & use walking feet in the class.
She did P.E. today and was surprised I knew what that was. She listened to a book about a racoon's first day at school. She told me they didn't have time for Math or Quiet time. They did get to go to the playground, and she told me all about eating lunch and having snack time. She was so cute this morning, she couldn't eat breakfast she was so excited!
Thank you Mrs. Arce for making it such a great first day for Kieran. She can't wait for tomorrow!

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