Monday, June 8, 2009

My little Graduate!

Kieran Graduated from St. Mary's Preschool on June 2nd and will go to Kindergarten in the Fall. You have to love the family picture, Kayman just woke up, and it wouldn't be a shot of Kayleigh unless she's doing something like showing her panties!
The other shot is so typical of a little sister wanting to be just like her big sister! SO cute.
Kieran's class put on a presentation with a few songs, reciting the Lord's Prayer and collecting their diplomas. Kieran got a digital camera from Grandma & Grandpa, so Daddy is a little worried about what she might expect to get when she graduates from High School. But it was a great lesson for Kieran. She has been saving for a "real digital camera", but has decided to tithe almost all of her earnings every week to church. I told her God would bless her, and He did. She would have had to save until October to get one, and Grandma got her one! You know what she said though after that..."Mommy now I'm going to save for a Cell Phone!"...I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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  1. Wow that is too cute! I wish I got presents like that haha.

    Jenny <3