Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Birthday

I had a great 35th Birthday! My sister-in-law came over and we went to our awesome community pool. This community definately thought of Moms with more than one small child! The kiddy pool is completely child-proof fenced in! And the play ground has NO swings!!! Yeah Moms! Sorry kids! Kayman though is completely fearless in the water, goes in head first comes up and blows the water out of his mouth & nose! It's hilareous to watch!
Then my sister-in-law went to "get some things" at the grocery and came back with 3 deserts! Yummy!
I had a ton of phone calls, facebook greetings, and Luis came home last night, it was a great birthday!
Kieran made me smile, she was the first one to wish me Happy Birthday, but she was also confused, "Mommy where are your invitations, your cake, and party?" she asked. I had to explain to her that big people have different birthdays than kids!

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